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Series : Microsoft Excel

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Description: Formulas and functions are the name of the game, and this course will give you the tools to create powerful formulas and understand why an Excel spreadsheet without formulas has no heart! In this course, you will learn: (1) Introduction to worksheets: Formatting sheets and cells, numbers, dates, basic calculations, (2) Rearranging data: Working with rows, cells, and columns, (3) Managing multiple worksheets, formulas, and cell references, (4) Data visualization with charts and& images: Using tools for formatting and editing, and (5) Organizing large amounts of data: Sorting, freeze panes and window split. Prerequisite: Proficiency in keyboarding and mousing skills is required.

Begin automating spreadsheets and learn how to create linking formulas that automatically connect data over many different worksheets, allowing for easy one-time data entry. Grow your portfolio by adding a group of the most powerful formulas frequently used in Excel and then splash your spreadsheet with useful graphics and templates to highlight and connect key informational points. In this course, you will learn: (1) advanced formatting: themes, cell styles, customizing page setup, (2) date and time functions, conditional formatting, (3) advanced functions for text and analysis: IF criteria, troubleshooting formulas, and (4) introducing lookup functions and the outline features.

Many users are aware of the basics. After this class you will have a distinct competitive advantage as the Excel go-to-person performing sophisticated data analyses. Show others how to stop wasting time on repetitive tasks, be the protector of spreadsheet data from errors and unwanted manipulation, and quickly share your work with others by converting workbooks to different file formats. In this course, you will learn: (1) Working with tables: “ Calculated columns, structured references, table features, (2) Financial functions and what-If analysis: PMT, PV and NPER Functions, (3) PivotTables and Pivot Charts, (4) Work with Macros and (5) Workbook protection and inspecting workbooks for compatibility.


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Class Name (Course #/Class ID) Location Start Date Class Schedule
Microsoft Excel Essentials (Level 1) (3050178 /65610) Laurel Ridge Fauquier Campus 08/06/2024 Weekly - Tue, Thu 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM; 2 sessions starting 8/6/2024, ending 8/8/2024
Microsoft Excel Advanced (Level 2) (3050177 /65611) Laurel Ridge Fauquier Campus 08/27/2024 Weekly - Tue, Thu 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM; 2 sessions starting 8/27/2024, ending 8/29/2024
Microsoft Excel Expert (Level 3) (3050179 /65612) Laurel Ridge Fauquier Campus 09/10/2024 Weekly - Tue, Thu 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM; 2 sessions starting 9/10/2024, ending 9/12/2024