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Create New Student Profile

It is important that this section be completed as fully as possible. This information allows us to accurately process your class registrations and provides contact information for reminders and notices. Asterisk fields are required and you cannot save the form until valid information is entered.


  • USER NAME and PASSWORD: Your Email Address will be your User Name. You will be asked to create a secure password. Please make note of both and save in a safe (and memorable) location. If you forget your password, click on the FORGOT MY PASSWORD hyperlink. Do not create a new profile. If you have a question, contact our main office at (540) 868-7021. Unfortunately, we cannot email your password or give you your password over the telephone due to security compliance issues.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: Providing your Social Security Number is critical to establishing your unique identity. Fairure to provide your Social Secutity number may delay or stop your registration. Social Security numbers are required for some class registrations. Additionally, some state licensing agencies may require social security numbers as part of the application/renewal verification process. Please do not leave this field blank.
  • UP TO DATE INFORMATION: Once this information has been entered, it is your responsibility to keep it as current as possible. This information is used for verifying your identity and contact information each time you register for a class.
  • STUDENT EMAILAll important class information such as confirmations, reminders, updates, instructor correspondence will come to the email address you provide. Additonally, all information about class changes, weather delays or closings and other important alerts will use this email. 
If you need any assistance with this process, please contact our Middletown Office during our regular business hours at 540-868-7021.

 ATTENTION: Parents registering minor for class/camps:

  • Use NAME AND INFORMATION FOR THE CHILD when creating the profile. Do not enter information for yourself.
  • Enter PARENT / GUARDIAN NAME at the bottom of the profile to be used if it is necessary to contact you for a schedule change or emergency.
  • Use parent/guardian’s DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER.
* denotes required information.

If you have previously attended, applied for admission to, or been employed by any Virginia community college, please enter your Student ID (EmplID) number if known. This is not required, but would be your 7-digit SIS EmplID.
Username: minimum 6 characters
Password: minimum 8 characters, must contain a number and any two of the following three: upper case, lower case, special characters (for example: (){}!@$%^&*)
 Privacy Policy
Social Security Number

SSN is required for all WCG Registrations, however it is highly recommended for all registrations. Please use nine digits; including dashes. DO NOT ENTER PARTIAL SSN.

Enter as mm/dd/yyyy format.
Employer's COMPANY NAME*

If you are employed, please enter your current employer's COMPANY NAME. If you are unemployed enter UNEMPLOYED.
Company Type

What would best describe the primary business function of your employer?

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Are you Hispanic or Latino/a?

Providing the information above is voluntary. Defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.
With what gender do you identify?
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What is your racial or ethnic identification?

Providing the information above is voluntary. This question complies with the Virginia and U.S. Department of Education’s new standards for ethnic and racial data collection.
Highest Level of Formal Education?
Job Description

What best describes your job?

Permanent resident number (A#)

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Please select your country of origin. Do NOT select the 'United States' in this case.
Temporary Resident Details

Please select your country of origin. Do NOT select the 'United States' in this case.
I want to apply for the F1/M1 student visa

Parent / Guardian

If enrollee is a MINOR, Parent or Guardian's full name for purposes of contact if necessary..
Photo/Video Permission OK
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Please check "no" if you do not want us to use your photo or image in promotional material.
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